Metro East 99th Street

Metro East is a new construction, apartment building containing one hundred and seventy six units, with a mix of studios and one bedroom apartments that is designed for low income disabled non-elderly and elderly persons who are well or may require some support services. The building will be located on East 99th street between First Avenue and Second Avenue in Manhattan, across the street from Metropolitan Hospital. The City of New York has proposed the closing of Goldwater Hospital, a long term care facility. Due to the transition of patients from the long-term care facilities on Roosevelt Island, there is a strong need for independent housing, located close by to the Metropolitan Hospital, that will facilitate independent living with access to supportive services.

In response to the need to relocate patients from Goldwater and Coler, both Long Term Acute Hospital (LTACH) and Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNF), located on Roosevelt Island, East 99th Street will offer independent housing with access to supportive services. There are approximately 300 patients between the ages of forty five (45) and sixty five (65) who no longer require LTACH or SNF care and prefer independent housing. Thirty seven percent (37%) of the patients are between sixty five (65) and eighty five (85) years old, and six percent (6%) are over eighty five (85) years old. East 99th Street is being developed by SKA Marin to provide a percentage of the approximate 300 residents with independent housing. All residents residing in East 99th street will be from Goldwater. Each relocated patients’ record will be held at Metropolitan Hospital, which will also provide residents with medical services and follow-up from their transition from Goldwater Hospital.

East 99th Street is designed with a significant amount of communal space, including a community room, resident lounges, and outdoor community space, space for adult social day or related programs, and amenities to make daily living and aging in place easier for the non-elderly, disabled and senior population. In addition, due to the affiliation with Metropolitan Hospital, the design of the Residence provides access to the Hospital which will provide geriatric and social and medical programs to the tenants of East 99th Street.