For Communities, Organizations and Institutions

SKA Marin projects are not just buildings. Each is a home to its residents. Projects may include programs to support frail persons such as seniors. Some may service a broader community need with a neighborhood center, a theatre, day care, senior centers and primary care. Their sponsors and owners may be housing organizations, religious institutions, hospitals, nursing homes, cultural organizations or community based social service providers. What distinguishes our projects, whether they are with not for profit, for profit or quasi-governmental entities is that they typically require a unique approach to project development.

SKA Marin brings to project sponsors or owners the expertise that permits an institution or organization to continue its primary mission without worrying about the myriad decisions involved in developing, owning and operating a building. When SKA Marin is engaged on a particular project, the firm looks first at a client’s mission, programs, needs and its longer term business plan and goals. By addressing these at the initial stage of development, SKA Marin structures the type of project, financing and working relationship that benefits clients and advances their goals to the next level.

SKA Marin stays with a project from conception through occupancy and final closeout. The success of a client’s project is a success for us as well. Working as a team, SKA Marin expertise has facilitated successful partnerships with many different types of community organizations and institutions in urban, rural and suburban settings.